We’re truvi, a multi-talented team with decades of experience in wine DTC and a strong desire to empower our customers in all aspects of DTC.

A Little Bit About Us

The truvi team combines decades of experience in customer service, product development, and marketing; and we have a history of putting our customers first. Our current feature set is a result of many, many conversations with our customers about their DTC needs. When working with truvi, you’ll find that we listen.

Our Platform

Built specifically for the wine industry, our cloud-based platform allows you to manage your direct-to-consumer (DTC) business across multiple sales channels (ecommerce, point-of-sale, and wine club), all while enjoying a single view of the customer. With simplyCMS as its foundation, the company has been around for many years and our existing customers come in all shapes and sizes, from small wineries to large multi-brand/multi-site wine businesses. Our platform includes everything you need to provide an excellent experience for your customers: content management, CRM, marketing tools, ecommerce, wine club, a contemporary mobile point-of-sale, tools for managing order fulfillment and shipping, reporting with customizable dashboards, and compliance tools. truvi integrates with a number of industry providers including a Platinum ShipCompliant partnership and MailChimp sync. We also connect to Stripe, CardConnect, Google Analytics, UPS, FedEx, and GSO. In addition, our integration with Zapier and our API’s will allow you to easily connect to other providers.

Our Products and Services

With Our All-in-One Platform, We Minimize the Complexity So That You Can Focus on Sales


From start to finish, our ecommerce platform is designed to boost conversions, with responsive templates, in-cart marketing prompts, tools to manage abandoned carts and declined cards, shipping costs that are presented early in the process, and more.

Wine Club

Our subscription management tools have been re-imagined to provide an excellent experience for both your staff and your customers. Simple, fast, and flexible, they allow you to easily process hundreds of orders per minute. And our personalization features are intuitive and super easy to use.
Here are a few of the things our customers love:
  • The ability to assign membership benefits to spouses, partners, and designated family members, with no need for work-arounds
  • We offer multiple ways to manage expired cards, including a credit card updater tool that is included at no additional cost.
  • If your customer changes his or her mind it’s never a problem. Your staff can easily edit orders before they ship.
  • And one of our favorites - would your customer like to cut down on shipping costs by combining today’s ecommerce order with next week’s club shipment? Yes – we can do that!


Take your smartphone or tablet to the customer with our contemporary mobile POS. Our all-inclusive solution allows you to provide a totally customer-centric experience.

  • Club members are recognized in the tasting room and your staff have full access to purchase history, preferences and customer notes.
  • Shipping options are set at the product level. This means that your tasting room visitor can elect to take one bottle home while shipping another. truvi automatically decrements the appropriate inventory group.
  • New customers are easily added via the POS interface and new addresses, credit cards, and notes can be added to existing customer records.
  • An optional setting allows you to control whether or not a tipping prompt is displayed to the customer.
  • Our split tender feature allows you to accept two or more payment types in a single transaction.

Shipment Manager

If you do your own shipping, you’ll love our Shipment Manager, which makes it easy to manage order fulfillment and shipping across all of your sales channels.

  • Built with the wine industry in mind, our warehouse management tools use logic to create the most cost-effective shipments for you.
  • Address validation at checkout prevents additional fees associated with carrier corrections.
  • Integrations with UPS, FedEx, and GSO allow you to pull real-time negotiated rates from the carriers.
  • Our shipment manager provides you with the ability to print labels fast, automate tracking, and display status to your customers.


We offer robust reporting tools to analyze performance across all of your DTC sales channels. Many of our reports can be filtered by date (purchase date, settlement date, or shipment date) to aid in month-end accounting reconciliations.

Superior Security Measures

Few things are more important than security for your online presence. At truvi, we tokenize credit card information to eliminate the risk of data theft. Far better than encryption alone, a tokenization solution immediately sends encrypted payment data to a secure vault, where it is stored and swapped with a mathematically unrelated token. Tokens stolen during a data breach are useless to hackers since they can’t be reverse-engineered to identify account information. In addition, all areas of your site that contain sensitive customer information are encrypted with a 256-bit SSL certificate to ensure the safest transactions.

White Glove Support

What really sets us apart is the fact that we treat our customers as partners; building relationships that are based on honest and transparent service. With truvi, you receive the highest level of customer and technical support, including account management, training demos for your team, email support, a customer success portal with knowledgebase and community forum, and more.