Exciting new partnership with Pack’n Ship Direct and VINGO

January 17th, 2019 @ 06:35pm Sheri Hebbeln Product Features

We’re very happy to announce that truvi now connects with Pack’n Ship Direct, VINGO, and service delivery platform ProNimbus. This new integration combines the marketing, sales, shipping, and reporting tools of truvi with the leading shipping and fulfillment technology of Pack’n Ship and VINGO to provide a complete end-to-end DTC solution for our customers. 

We think this is a great combination. Pack’n Ship and VINGO are leaders in the space, offering a number of advantages for wineries that ship DTC:

  • One of the only providers with its own fleet of temperature-controlled trucks. This means that your wine is always protected, whether from the heat of summer, or from cold during winter. They also offer real-time tracking and en-route monitoring.
  • Several California fulfillment centers. Customers can take advantage of long-term deep storage, computerized inventory management, an easy-to-use client interface for shipping, inventory management, and customer service, and a team of experienced wine handling specialists.
  • A network of distribution centers positioned strategically across the U.S. This allows for shorter delivery times and reduced shipping costs.

And truvi’s all-in-one platform offers the front-end technology needed to build and grow your DTC program. Our platform is more feature-rich than leading competitors, with a key differentiator being our Shipment Manager module, which provides advanced tools for managing shipments. In the past, these tools have only been available to customers who handle their own shipping, but with this new partnership, they’re now available to mutual customers of truvi and Pack’n Ship or VINGO.

As the industry evolves and wineries look to increase their reach beyond the tasting room, our goal is to continue to offer innovative partnerships and features. With Shipment Manager added to the mix, this integration offers a number of benefits that are typically not found in traditional ecommerce platforms. 

  • We’ve given customers the ability to manage orders at the line item. This provides several advantages, including the ability to ship some items now and others (like futures) later.
  • You can consolidate shipments before they’re sent to fulfillment. For example, if a customer places an order in the tasting room, you can hold that order and combine it with an upcoming club shipment to save on shipping fees.  
  • You decide when and how to send orders to fulfillment. They can be sent either as they occur or in batches, to allow time for your customer service team to review. If an address is used across multiple orders, we automatically consolidate those orders into a single shipment before sending to fulfillment.
  • The ability to split items in the tasting room. As an example, truvi customers can allow a tasting room visitor to carry out one bottle and have another shipped via Pack’n Ship or VINGO. The proper inventory group is then decremented and tax is calculated based on the tasting room location for items carried out and shipping address for items shipped. 
  • Inventory management tools. In addition to truvi’s standard inventory features which allow customers to create and track inventory groups for each sales channel, customers now have the ability to view inventory activity at Pack’n Ship or VINGO via their truvi admin panels.
  • Address validation at the point-of-purchase. This popular feature reduces costly carrier address correction fees. 
  • Full visibility into tracking information. Customers can track shipment status via their admin panels and display shipment status to customers.

If you plan to be at the DTC Symposium next week, or at the Oregon Wine Symposium in February, please be sure to stop by our booth. We’d love to talk further about your DTC needs.