Our Vision

Why we formed truvi

I guess you could say it was one of those lightbulb moments. We’ve all been involved in the wine industry and DTC for years, and we’ve worked together for most of them. At the time, one of us was working solo and two had recently left a former employer. We were all thinking about the next stage of our journey.

Amongst us, we’ve built several different software applications for the wine industry - and it’s our passion for the wine industry and DTC that really motivates us. After all, you’ve got to be passionate about it, because it’s just too hard otherwise! So, we started talking about what this industry really needed and that’s when we knew – we were starting truvi!

Our Values

In a nutshell, our focus is on Product, People, and Partners.


Innovative Commerce

We’ve learned a lot about the importance of design over the years, not just in making a product easy to use, but in making a product that really works for our customers.

Our product focus:

  1. ?Build a product that is truly all-inclusive (with a slick shopping cart, mobile point-of-sale, built-in compliance checks, and a full suite of fulfillment and logistics tools.)
  2. Keep it simple: Easy to set up, easy to use, and with everything in one place.
  3. Take care of the basics. System outages, slow response time, and database performance issues should never be your problem.


We're a multi-talented group with decades of experience in wine DTC and the shared goal of building a truly amazing team. We’re energetic and family-oriented, and we work best when surrounded by others who share our values.

Our values:

  1. Be humble and keep learning.
  2. Don’t take anything for granted. Nothing’s going to happen unless we make it happen.
  3. Build a great company that positively impacts the lives of our team members and their families.


What really sets truvi apart is the fact that we treat our customers as partners; building relationships that are based on truly honest and transparent service.

Our focus on customer success:

  1. Start with the customer – or in other words, “walk a mile in their shoes”.
  2. Provide unsurpassed attention to the customer’s needs
  3. Develop a culture that focuses on making our customers wildly successful.

That’s truvi!